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Courtesy of Iron County DUP

These powerful and entertaining audio and videocassettes as well as our interactive CD-ROM will bring your Nauvoo experience to life. Historian C. Michael Trapp will help your family get more out of your visit to Historic Nauvoo by listening to his stories of faith and courage. If you have already toured Nauvoo, these products will help you relive the experience and give you a deeper understanding of the people, places and events of the area. The powerful interactive CD-ROM allows you to view over 40 restored sites and walk the Trail of Hope. Listen to the stories and meet the people of Historic Nauvoo. Kids as well as adults will have hours of enjoyment while learning about this important place.


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Joseph Smith was the Nauvoo prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Later Brigham Young was the prophet when the saints left Nauvoo. William Weeks was the first architect of the Nauvoo Temple and Truman O. Angel was the second architect of the Nauvoo Temple and later worked on the Salt Lake Temple. Hyrum Smith was the brother of the Joseph Smith and was a key player at Nauvoo and later killed at Carthage. Etienne Cabot, Mary Fielding Smith, Emma Hales Smith, Orin Porter Rockwell, Lucy Mack Smith where important personalities during the Nauvoo Temple period. Thomas Sharp was a key personality during the Nauvoo period and was instrumental in the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde, Parley P. Pratt, William Smith all helped in the building of Nauvoo Illinois and the Nauvoo Temple. Orson Pratt, John Page, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, George A. Smith where all members of the Church of Jesus Christ also known as mormons. Willard Richards, Lyman Wight, Amasa M. Lyman, , Margaret Judd Clawson, Louisa Barns Pratt, Chief Pied Riche, Hosea Stout, Zina Huntington Jacobs Young, Bathsheba Smith, Mary Field, Garner, Bathsheba W. Smith, George Q. Cannon, Gilbert Belnap, BH Roberts, Sarah Leavitt, Hosea Stout, Newel Knight, Martha Ann Smith, Benjamin F. Johnson, Jane Johnson, Priddy Meeks, Erastus Snow, Patty Session, Gideon Murdock, are all listed on the trail of hope markers. The Sarah Granger Kimbal home is one of the historic landmarks of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints in the Nauvoo Illinois area. The Scovil Bakery, Lyon Drug, Patti Sessions are all on the tour of Historic Nauvoo Illinois. The Stoddard Tim Shop, Printing Office, Jonathan Browning Gun Shop are located on the same street in Historic Nauvoo. The temple has carvings of the sunstone, moonstone, starstone. President Gordon B. Hinckley will dedicate the temple at Nauvoo.